About us

Steads Farm Supply is an independently owned family business. Opening in April 1996 by David and Diane Stead, Steads Farm Supply focused on the cattle side of retail selling such things as salt, feed, twine, & fencing supplies.

Over the years Steads has changed and diversified with the times by adding such things as liquid supplement, silage sheets and more recently organic products not only for cattle but humans as well. With the addition of the green room we now offer a variety of natural products from cleaners and diapers to vitamins and chia seed. 

Why choose us?

Family Business

Steads was started by Diane and David - now passing this knowledge on to the next generation.


We live in and building our family roots in the area we serve, and look forward to helping you.

Friendly Knowledge

Providing knowledgeable insight while building  a relationship in a friendly environment.

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Our Partners


Masterfeed has served farmers, ranchers and poultry producers through researched based animal feed formulations, ingredient innovations, feed manufacturing technologies. From feeds for horses, sheep and goat feeds, specialty animal feed, dairy feeds and swine feed, Masterfeeds’ Nutrition Programs are backed by a skilled group of animal nutrition experts.

Masterfeeds offer bulk and bag feeds, supplements, blocks and minerals, premixes, organic feeds, ration balancing, in-barn assessments as well as many specialty and back yard animal feed.


Berg's Hatchery

Located in Manitoba, Canada Berg’s Hatchery deliver poultry via Agents.

Large Selection of Specialty birds, Chickens, Layers, Ducks and Geese. All bergs chicks, ducklings and pullets are produced from government approved breeding stock.



Gallagher has consistently led the way in quality, innovative animal management systems that are made to last. Gallagher Canada offers electric fencing, weighing, data collection and Miraco watering systems for specific animals and applications so you can be sure you’re using the best system solution to meet your unique needs.



No nonsense electric fence solutions for the serious farmer. With a reputation forged by 80 years of electric fencing experience, Speedrite by Tru-Test Group remains the brand that farmers trust.


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